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Welcome to Bowman’s Piano Service

Music soars through the air in a grand symphony hall. Tuxedos have been pressed and gowns are sparkling. The musicians come to a roaring crescendo and the legato runs flow from practiced fingers on shining black and white ivory. The conductors staff is raised and lowered, directing cadence and then brings the orchestra to a gentle da capo al fine as the audience stands, applauding wildly.
And none of it would have been possible without a perfectly tuned, finely refurbished and shining grand piano.
Vertical Piano
These are the moments we live for at Bowman's Piano Service. We have contributed to hundreds of these moments of musical glory and thousands of stops on the road to get there in the homes of piano students and rehearsal halls all over Harrisburg and the Cumberland County area.
Let us help you achieve your shining moment by turning your piano or organ into a perfectly tuned, repaired or refinished instrument.