Bowman's Piano Service
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Bowman’s Piano Service



What We Do

We are piano and organ specialists. Our service covers tuning, repairs and refinishing. Most pianos and organs require tuning at least twice a year due to changes in weather. To achieve tuning stability, depending on the age and condition of your instrument, it could be more. The manner in which an instrument is played can be a factor in the frequency of the need for service as well.
Tuning is only a part of the maintenance required to keep a piano or organ in proper shape. Cracked, chipped or missing keys can happen over time. These are all things that we are very experienced at dealing with. We can either repair or replace old keys to make your keyboard look as new as the day it came out of the factory.
We can also restore your vintage piano or organ, bringing it back to life as a beautiful, functioning instrument. Pianos and organs are the kind of instruments that get passed down through the generations and over the years. They can gather wear as they suffer the dual abuses of time and humidity. We can work to restore your family’s treasured heirloom to its former glory.
Piano Tuning